Adechike Torbert Bollywood Video

Alex Wong was supposed to be Adechike Torbert’s partner on the second routine, but Alex got injured so Marla was asked to be his replacement for the Bollywood routine.  They danced to “Mourya Re” from Don: The Chase Begins Again with Nakul Dev Mahajan as their choreographer.

I think Adechike did well in this routine but the judges don’t think so.  What about you?  Anyway, it would have been great if Alex is there, don’t you think? For sure, it will be an awesome number again.  Alex, hope you’ll be able to dance next week!

Video here.  Thanks to!

One thought on “Adechike Torbert Bollywood Video

  1. I just want to correct some of the misinformation being represented about “Bollywood” dance and culture at large on SYTYCD this season and the past few…nevermind, what the judges said about what dancer…

    Adechike and Mala’s performance was certainly notable, in their representation of traditional Indian dance styles. NOTE that I said “traditional Indian dance” and not “Bollywood”. SYTYCD has on its own decided to group all forms of traditional Indian dance together and call it “Bollywood”…while totally IGNORING the actual contemporary end of dance choreography and fashion so often seen in Bollywood films these days! (i.e. hip hop-urban-fusion).

    Hey, Bollywood! SYTYCD called…and they’re running out of ideas! Read more of my rant and rave on this topic at my blog…I could go on for too long 😉

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