Amazing Race 18 Casts, 2011 Contestants

Just as we found out the Amazing Race 17 winners, the 2011 Amazing Race 18 contestants are revealed. It will be an another all-star season dubbed as “Unfinished Business”. The cast of the next season will feature former contestants, whom some are from season 17. Here they are (Updated):

Amazing Race 18 Contestants

Brook & Claire – season 17

Kisha & Jen – season 14

Ronald and Christina – season 12

Gary & Mallory – season 17

Kevin & Michael – season 17

Jet & Cord – season 16

Flight Time & Big Easy – season 15

Kynt & Vyxsin – season 12

Mel & Mike – season 14

Margie & Luke – season 14

Amanda & Kris – season 14

Jamie & Cara – season 14

Zev & Justin – season 15

“Boston Rob” Mariano and Amber Brkich

One thought on “Amazing Race 18 Casts, 2011 Contestants

  1. I am among those that think the Amazing Race is the best show on TV.
    The last episode has changed it to the “cheating Race”. Your producers
    have let you down! It is one thing for contestants to give directions…
    “the box is around the corner”, but it is wrong to give answers…
    “correct answer is 22 km”.

    The last straw came with contestants who lost their map and paperwork,
    They were all told to write down the distance in Liechtenstein on a postcard
    but the girls had been told the answer so they verbally said it instead.
    A blatant failure to complete the task.
    No penalty? If the cowboys didn’t have their postcard to write it on wouldn’t
    they be told to restart or be penalized.

    Do the right thing for the show….make it up to the cowboys!!! Tell your producers to treat
    All the same or your great show is no longer fun….and is doomed to cancellation.
    Thank you for reading
    A fan…. For now

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