Amazing Race 2010 Winner – Who won Amazing Race May 9 2010

It’s the Amazing Race 16 finale on May 9, 2010.  One of the three finalists will be the winner of the Amazing Race 2010.  Who would it be?

The final three teams are (in order they arrived):

  1. Brent & Caite
  2. Jet & Cord
  3. Dan & Jordan

Among the three remaining teams, brothers Jet & Cord have arrived first on four pit stops.  Thus they have a higher chance to be the Amazing Race 16 Winner on May 9, 2010.  Brent & Caite is also a powerful team so they have a chance to win as well.  Anyway, anyone can win and we’ll be finding out about that this Sunday.

Who do you think will be the Amazing Race 16 Winner?  What is your guess?

Please check back this post for the Amazing Race 16 Winner this May 9, 2010!

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