Amazing Race April 10, 2011 Results 4/10/11

The Amazing Race April 10, 2011 will be an all new episode. The show is back after being on a break for a week due to an awards night. The race continues as the remaining contestants perform tasks in India. Who gets eliminated next on TAR Amazing Race 4/10/11 results?

Still in India, the contestants are going to scramble to find the meaning of life in the country’s chaotic streets. One team will make a blunder while another one will take a dangerous plunge in a state of panic in this episode titled “You Don’t Get Paid Unless You Win”.

Which team will make a blunder? Who will panic and take a dangerous plunge? We’ll find out soon who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 4/10/11 results.

Update: Ron & Christina were eliminated

1st – Flight Time & Big Easy

2nd – Zev & Justin

3rd – Kisha & Jen

4th – Gary & Mallory

5th – Jet & Cord

6th – Kent & Vyxsin

One thought on “Amazing Race April 10, 2011 Results 4/10/11

  1. I think the correct team has been eliminated. Now it is harder to decide who should go next…I am still rooting for Jet and Cord…they have the most positive attitude of anyone ever on the show…I have never seen them do a mean thing to any other contestants..every other team has had at least one incident if not more. I also like Kent and Vyxsin…they have grown on me. Of course the Globetrotters are simply charismatic.

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