Amazing Race April 13, 2014 Results 4/13/14

The Amazing Race 24 is back with an all new episode tonight! After a week of hiatus, get to see the seven remaining teams travel from Sri Lanka going to Italy this time. Who among the teams will arrive last at the pit stop of this leg?

The seven remaining teams are Leo & Jamal, Jet & Cord, Jessica & John, Dave & Connor, Brendon & Rachel, Flight Time & Big Easy and Caroline & Jennifer. These teams will be going to Italy for the next set of tasks.

Note that Caroline & Jennifer must do a speed bump since they were the last team to arrive during the previous non-elimination leg. For this, they must collect Victorian typewriter which resembles the Vittorio Emmanuele Monument and deliver it there. Will they be able to do all the tasks easily and be safe from elimination tonight?

Tonight’s detour is either to battle Roman gladiators or use remote controls to move chariot and horse around a track. The roadblock is to count the stairs and add it to Roman Numerals on the obelisk.

Will it be Caroline & Jennifer to arrive last once again? The pit stop is at Piazza del Popolo, by the way.

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Update: Jessica & John have been eliminated!

SPEED BUMP – Caroline & Jennifer must pick a typewriter and bring it to Vittorio Emmanuele Monument which looks like it.

DETOUR – gladiator or charioteer. In gladiator, teams must learn the sword skills to fight a gladiator. In charioteer, teams must complete five laps with their remote controlled chariots within time limit.

Gladiator – Jessica & John, Leo & Jamal (who did the charioteer first)

Charioteer – Brendon & Rachel, Flight Time & Big Easy, Dave & Connor, Jet & Cord, Caroline & Jennifer


ROAD BLOCK – teams must count the Spanish Steps, add that number to the year the obelisk was built and combine them and write in Roman numercals.

Those who did it are – Brendon, Dave, Jennifer, Jet, Flight Time, Jamal and John


PIT STOP – Piazza del Popolo

1st – Brendon & Rachel- they win a trip to Australia

2nd – Caroline & Jennifer

3rd – Dave & Connor

4th – Jet & Cord

5th – Leo & Jamal

6th – Flight Time & Big Easy

7th – Jessica & John

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