Amazing Race April 15, 2012 Results 4/15/12

The teams are still in Tanzania in the Amazing Race April 15, 2012 episode. The next set of tasks will done by the six remaining teams in the country and tonight’s episode could be full of excitement as the U-turns are used. Will the team who gets U-turned be eliminated on TAR – Amazing Race episode 8?

The race is simply amazing as the teams get amazed by the beauty of the sceneries they are seeing but it’s not all about beauty as rough road lies ahead for some of the teams. A double U-turn is bound to happen and a stinging challenge and shattered alliances is a footrace to the pit stop. The preview says that Nary & Jamie fight to stay in the game and an alliance will crash and burn.

Which alliance to do you think is betrayed? Could it be between Dave & Rachel and Art & JJ? Will a U-turn will cause the alliance to be shattered? Meanwhile, who do you think will get U-turned? There are many speculations on a forum that Brendon & Rachel gets U-turned as they perform two detours. They say Vanessa seems very happy that they think the U-turned Brenchel. Do you think so too?

Meanwhile, Bopper & Mark might have trouble and that could be the other team who got U-turned? Will this cause them to arrive last at the pit stop? Being U-turned is completely irrelevant to which team will be sent home though. Also, we must not forget that Nary & Jamie will be facing a speed bump since they were the last team to arrive in the previous leg. What could be the speed bump they need to do?

A road block could be a bee task while detours could either be patching two flat tires on a bicycle or filling nine containers with water and deliver them to local homes. Which team will do what detour?

By the way, the title of tonight’s episode is “Let Them Drink Their Haterade”, a title based from Rachel’s words.

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Update : Nary & Jamie was eliminated

Detour – water supply or air supply. In water supply, they must grab a cart of empty containers, go to the well, wait for their turn and fill those containers. In air supply, they must work with a mechanic to fix a bike tire puncture without removing the rim.

Air supply – Bopper & Mark, Rachel & Dave, Brendon & Rachel,
Water supply – Art & JJ

Roadblock – collect 500 grams of honey from African bees

Art & JJ u-turned Brendon & Rachel

Brendon & Rachel u-turned Ralph & Vanessa

1st – Bopper & Mark

2nd – Rachel & Dave

3rd – Art & JJ

4th – Brendon & Rachel

5th – Vanessa & Ralph

6th – Nary & Jamie

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