Amazing Race April 17, 2011 Results 4/17/11

The Amazing Race April 17, 2011 is the eight episode this season. The six remaining contestants continue their race for the 1 million dollars. They are traveling from India to Austria as will be seen tonight. So who gets eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 4/17/11 results?

In this episode titled as “I Cannot Deal With Your Psycho Behavior”, the teams leave India to go to their next destination, which is Austria. The teams will try to maintain their balance after facing a psychological detour as they race through the slippery streets of the country. They will try to avoid making a “Freudian slip” but with they be able to?

Meanwhile, a hefty meal will prove to be too big for some of the teams’ stomachs. Which team will it be? Who do you think will be the last to arrive at the pit stop tonight? Will the correct team be going next? Who are you rooting for?

Who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 4/17/11 results? Check back this post and find it out.

Update: No one was eliminated. It’s a non elimination leg.

1st – Zev & Justin

2nd – Flight Time & Big Easy

3rd – Kent & Vyxsin

4th – Kisha & Jen

5th – Jet & Cord

6th – Gary & Mallory


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