Amazing Race April 17, 2015 Results 4/17/15

So I missed posting results of the Amazing Race the past weeks, primarily due to its schedule, argh! But anyway, I hope I can have time to watch it during Friday nights again, like tonight, which is a back-to-back episode.

Here are the updates…


Six teams remain and they must fly to Windhoek, Namibia.

Road block – those who will do it must help the bushmen build a grass hut.

Those who did it for their teams – Aly, Jelani, Matt, Rochelle, Blair, Tyler

Detour – track or pack. In track, teams must use telemetric technology to locate an elephant. In pack, teams must prepare a meal of wildebeest meat for the hungry wild dogs.

Only 3 teams can do pack at a time.

Track – Aly & Steve, Mike & Rochelle, Hayley & Blair

Pack – Matt & Ashley, Jelani & Jenny, Laura & Tyler

PIT STOP –  Spitzkoppe, a rest camp

1st – Matt & Ashley – they win $5,000 each

2nd – Laura & Tyler

3rd – Hayley & Blair

4th – Jelani & Jenny

5th – Mike & Rochelle

6th – Aly & Steve

** It was a non-elimination race so no one was eliminated.



From a rest camp, teams must head to the town of Swakopmund. Teams depart in the order of their arrival from the previous leg.

Speed Bump – since Aly & Steve arrived at the previous pit stop last, they must do a speed bump. For this, their task is to build toy planes.

Road block – those who will do it must take part in an airdrop, in which they must search for the box that is dropped.

Those who did it for their team – Ashley, Laura, Hayley, Mike, Jelani, Steve

Detour – work or play. In work, teams must drag tires behind their truck to smooth out dirt roads. In play, teams must ski on sand dunes.

Work – Laura & Tyler, Hayley & Blair

Play – Matt & Ashley

Double U-turn is available in this leg. When Matt & Ashley race toward it after finishing their detour. Same with Laura & Tyler.

Jelani & Jenny use their Express Pass and go through the U-turn board too.

Matt & Ashley U-turn Jelani & Jenny.

Laura & Tyler U-turn Aly & Steve


1st – Laura & Tyler – they win a trip to New Zealand

2nd – Matt & Ashley

3rd – Hayley & Blair

4th – Jelani & Jenny

5th – Mike & Rochelle

6th – Aly & Steve – ELIMINATED


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