Amazing Race April 20, 2014 Results 4/20/14

The Amazing Race 24 is now on its 8th leg. From Sri Lanka, teams traveled to Italy last week, and the challenge continues tonight as they roam around in the country. There are six remaining teams left, but after tonight, only five will remain. Who will be out from the competition?

The competition gets fierce as the six remaining teams face a double U-turn. Two teams will declare war while the Cowboys contemplate a major decision. Will the tension between the two teams will break one apart?

The detour for this leg is either “Wooden Toy for Wooden Boy” or “Where’s My Donkey” and the roadblock is to recreate ancient manuscript using calligraphy and gold leafing at La Badia Monastery.

Which team gets u-turned tonight? Who will do the roadblock? Which team will opt for the donkey task?

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Update: Flight Time and Big Easy got eliminated!


1. Brendon & Rachel – 7:48AM
2. Caroline & Jennifer – 8:26AM
3. Dave & Connor – 8:27AM
4. Jet & Cord – 8:40AM
5. Leo & Jamal – 9:38AM
6. Flight Time & Big Easy – 9:39AM

Teams must drive 80 miles to Civita di Bagnoregio.


DETOUR – donkey run or donkey building. In Donkey run, teams must take part in the town’s famous donkey race and complete three laps before the band finishes playing. In donkey building requires them to assemble a wooden donkey.

Donkey run – Brendon & Rachel, Dave & Connor, Flight Time & Big Easy (they did the donkey run then donkey building then back to donkey run)

Donkey building – Leo & Jamal, Caroline & Jennifer, Flight Time & Big Easy


** Brendon and Rachel U-turn Dave & Connor

** Jet & Cord used their express pass

** Dave & Connor U-turn Leo and Jamal

** Dave & Connor are pissed that Brendon & Rachel U-turned them


ROAD BLOCK – those who will do it must copy a page from an ancient manuscript like the monks did for centuries.

Those who did it are – Rachel, Jet, Connor, Caroline, Leo, Flight Time


PIT STOP – Piazza del Duomo

1st – Brendon & Rachel – they win $7,500 each
2nd – Second: Jet & Cord
3rd – Leo & Jamal
4th – Dave & Connor
5th – Caroline & Jennifer
6th – Flight Time & Big Easy



3 thoughts on “Amazing Race April 20, 2014 Results 4/20/14

  1. Why does the Amazing Race keep picking the same old contestants to compete for ALL STARS?! My goodness, the show has 24 seasons under its belt, you’d think they could find other contestants. Some of the current season contestants have appeared a total of 3 Times?!?!

  2. I agree totally – with all the people out there why do previous contestants keep coming back? Give others a shot at the “pot”. Rachel & Brendan are professional game show contestants – let someone more deserving participate …………

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