Amazing Race April 21, 2013 Results 4/21/13

Teams will be traveling from Switzerland to Germany on tonight’s Amazing Race. Looks like the challenges tonight are fun! But of course, at the end, one of these remaining teams may or may not be eliminated. Who among the teams could it be?

There are only five remaining teams in the race and the order of their departure tonight from Switzerland is – Bates & Anthony, Mona & Beth, Max & Katie, Caroline & Jennifer and Joey & Meghan.

Titled “The Ultimate Fun House”, one of the challenges for tonight is to experience the amazing freefall and experience the amazing underground rave. Plus, one of the detours is to deliver illuminated billboard letters on foot in order to get their next clue. What could these letters mean?

Anyway, there are many speculations on tonight’s leg. Some say there’s going to be a U-turn tonight while many say it’s a non-elimination leg. I’d go for a non-elimination leg tonight since there are four remaining episodes including tonight and we have only seen one non-elimination leg so far and the show always have more than one non-elimination leg every season.

Let’s find out tonight. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on tonight’s leg. Will Bates & Anthony arrive first again at the pit stop? Who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 4/21/13’s episode, if ever? Results will be provided.

Update: It was a non-elimination leg tonight! 

Teams will travel by train to Dresden, Germany. All of them are on the same train so the order of departure doesn’t matter.

Bates lost his bag. Good thing his passport is with him.


DETOUR – train trials or font follies. In train trials teams will lay model train tracks on a platform and keep the train on track for one complete circuit. In font follies, teams will transport two giant letters through the city streets to a museum.

Train trials – Joey & Meghan, Bates & Anthony. Bates & Anthony did the font follies first befor switching to train trials.

Font follies – Max & Katie, Mona & Beth, Caroline & Jennifer

ROAD BLOCK – those who will do it must crawl through a creepy haunted house maze underground a dance club.

Those who did it are – Katie, Joey, Jennifer, Beth, Anthony


PIT STOP – Kurfurstendamm (5th Avenue of Berlin)

1st – Max & Katie – they win 2013 Ford Fusion each

2nd – Joey & Meghan

3rd – Caroline & Jennifer

4th – Bates & Anthony

5th – Mona & Beth

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