Amazing Race April 22, 2012 Results 4/22/12

The five remaining teams travel to India on the Amazing Race 20’s April 22, 2012 episode. From Tanzania, the teams go to Cochin India for their next set of tasks. Having three episodes left, will tonight be a non-elimination leg like in the previous season, or will one of the teams will be eliminated on TAR – Amazing Race episode 9?

The Amazing Race goes to Bollywood, but what if one of them can’t dance? For Bopper & Mark, could this be the end of the line? Emotions run high as the a player from each team performs the roadblock. Mark will have a melt down in the vibrant city of Cochin India, saying he can barely raise his arms while doing the roadblock. Rachel also gets emotional, as usual as she lose faith as the challenge seems insurmountable. Brendon tells her not to get upset and emotional which will mess up her routine and stay focused instead. Rachel tells him not to tell her she’s getting emotional since she’s a girl.

Meanwhile, Art & JJ face off Rachel & Dave after what happened last week. Rachel & Dave didn’t U-turn Brendon & Rachel as originally planned. Thus, it’s Art & JJ who did it to the Big Brother team.

Anyway, titled “Bollywood Travolta”, those who are doing the roadblock are Mark, Vanessa, JJ and the two Rachels. They must perform as the lead dancer in a dance routine wearing a Bollywood outfit. The detour is either cricket or auto rickshaw.

Who do you think will be the team to arrive at the pit stop last? Updates on the race tonight will be here. In the meantime, while waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, share this on Google Plus or like us on Facebook to know the latest on your favorite reality shows. Will no one be sent home tonight? Find out if a there will be a team who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 4/22/12 results.

Update : No one was eliminated. It was a non elimination leg

Road block – work on the set of a Bollywood movie and learn a dacne routine – Rachel, JJ, Rachel, Vanessa, Mark

Detour – Cricket or Clutch it. In cricket, teams must master India’s favorite game. In clutch it, teams must acquire the skills of the rickshaw

Cricket – Brendon& Rachel, Art & JJ

Clutch it – Dave & Rachel, Vanessa & Ralph, Boppet & Mark


1st – Rachel & Dave – their prize is a trip to St. Lucia

2nd – Brendon & Rachel

3rd – Art & JJ

4th – Vanessa & Ralph

5th – Bopper & Mark


**Mark quits after 11th attempt at dancing. He chose his three children over the game since it’s making him very sick. He tried again for the 12th timr and was successful.

13 thoughts on “Amazing Race April 22, 2012 Results 4/22/12

  1. Awww I liked Mark. They were a great team! I respect him for chosing his family! So happy Bren and Rach came in 2nd! I hope to see a 1st place win for them!!! Rachel and Dave have won enough!

  2. I’m so glad that they weren’t sent home! They’re such fun people to watch on here 🙂

    @ Admin… you spelled “elimination” wrong. I make typos all the time though, so no worries 🙂

  3. There’s always one team that plays the game respectfully without grumbling or fighting with another team and plays fair. I hope Mark and Bopper make it. Art & JJ started out playing well but have started to become whiny and sore losers. Good grief! And Vanessa while she’s good looking is quite a hateful witch. Rachel is very emotional but at least she doesnt hate on other people.

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