Amazing Race April 24, 2011 Results 4/24/11

The Amazing Race April 24, 2011 is the ninth leg where the teams travel from Austria to Switzerland. Last week was a non-elimination leg but tonight, for sure one of the teams is leaving. Who gets eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 4/24/11 results?

Gary & Mallory arrived last and have to perform a Speed Bump during this leg. Meanwhile, the race becomes stressful when a double U-turn is revealed putting the teams on edge. One team struggles to consume a local delicacy while others get acquainted with Swiss hospitality.

Which team has a nightmare of a time because of this delicacy? Will Gary & Mallory still be in the race next week? By the way, the title of this episode is “We’re Good American People”.

So who will be the next team to be leaving the race? Find out soon who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 4/24/11 results here.

Update: Jet & Cord were eliminated!

1st – Zev & Justin

2nd – Kisha & Jen

3rd – Kent & Vyxsin

4th – Gary & Mallory

5th – Flight Time & Big Easy


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  1. It also wouldn’t have mattered due to the U-TURN that the globetrotters gave to the cowboys. So if anything, it was the globetrotters fault for sending them home, and ABSOLUTELY NO CHEATING WHATSOEVER!

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