Amazing Race April 27, 2014 Results 4/27/14

The race continues tonight in the Amazing Race 24! Now on its 9th leg, teams will be leaving Italy for their next destination and tasks. Only five teams remain. Who won’t make it to the next leg?

The five remaining teams are Brendon & Rachel, Jet & Cord, Leo & Jamal, Dave & Connor and Caroline & Jennifer.

Tension between two teams arises tonight, while three teams make a final three alliance. If you have seen the preview, the three teams alliance are Dave & Connor, Caroline & Jennifer and Leo & Jamal. Looks like they all hate Brendon & Rachel (just like all players in Big Brother) too.

Anyway, from Italy, teams will travel to Switzerland in which one of the tasks include calculating the year of Ford Mustang by using road signs, cleaning a hotel room and transporting milk cans.

Will the newly formed alliance make it to the next leg? Will Brendon & Rachel arrive last at this week’s pit stop?

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Update: Caroline & Jennifer arrived last but tonight was a non-elimination leg.

Teams will travel to Switzerland.


1. Brendon & Rachel

2. Jet & Cord

3. Leo & Jamal

4. Dave & Connor

5. Caroline & Jennifer


FIRST TASK – Clean a room in Schweizerhof Hotel in Lucerne.

SECOND TASK – Teams must identify the artifact used to drill a tunnel at the Swiss Museum of Transport

THIRD TASK – use street signs at the Ford Mustang exhibit and figure out the model year of their cars.


ROAD BLOCK – transport milk via gondola and dogs/carts.

Those who did it are – Cord, Connor, Leo, Brendon and Caroline


PIT STOP – Mt Titlis

1st – Dave & Connor – they win a Ford Mustang each

2nd – Jet & Cord

3rd – Leo & Jamal

4th – Brendon & Rachel

5th – Caroline & Jennifer

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