Amazing Race April 29, 2012 Results 4/29/12

There are two remaining episode of The Amazing Race 20 left and tonight, find out who will be the final four teams who are one step closer to the one million dollars grand prize. It was a non-elimination leg last week so tonight, one of the five teams will be leaving for sure. Who do you think will this team be? Find out who among the teams gets eliminated on TAR – Amazing Race episode 10.

Still in India, tonight’s leg is going to be the toughest, the roughest and the hardest of them all. One of the racers will power through the pain in the wake of a physical misstep, and teams will pull out all of the bells and whistles for a larger than life challenge.

Titled “I Need Hair To Be Pretty”, Brendon’s Rachel will face a hair-raising challenge while Vanessa comes crashing down and Bopper & Mark claw their way back.

Last week, Bopper & Mark were the last team to arrived but were not eliminated since it was a non-elimination leg. This was the second time that they arrive last and were not eliminated. Will they be sent home finally tonight or this leg was made for them? They will be facing a speed bump, which is to paint the belly of a Pulikali tiger dancer in order to continue with the race. Will they be able to catch up with the other teams?

The road block for this leg is to roll up coir. They say over at a forum that Brendon, Art and Ralph will be doing it. But who will perform it between Dave & Rachel and Bopper & Mark? Meanwhile, the detours will be decorating an elephant and cleaning up after it or packing, crating and delivering ten boxes of ginger. Some of the teams who are known to be performing the elephant detour are Brendon & Rachel, Dave & Rachel while Art & JJ will do the ginger task. How about Bopper & Mark and Vanessa & Ralph? Vanessa will be suffering from a leg injury in tonight’s leg. Will they be able to catch up with the tasks?

For the fast forward, the first team to unload and stack 150 bales of hay will receive the fast forward award. But it order to win it each of the team members must have their heads shaved. Who are willing to shave their heads to win this? It’s most likely Bopper & Mark or Art & JJ. But will one of the boy/girl teams be willing to do it?

As always, updates on the Amazing Race will be provided. While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, share this on Google Plus or like us on Facebook for updates on your favorite reality show. Find out what happened to Vanessa as well is if one of the teams do the fast forward. Also find out if it’s Bopper & Mark who gets kicked off, eliminated on the Amazing Race 4/29/12 tonight. If it’s not them, which of the teams could it be? Results will be here.

Update: Bopper & Mark were eliminated.

Fast forward – shave their heads. Rachel & Dave have already used one, so they can’t do it again. Brendon & Rachel decided to use it but when Rachel found out what they have to do, she can’t do it. Bopper & Mark decided to do it but they still arrived last.

Road block – spin 40 ft of rope and spool it on a spindle. Those who did it are Brendon, Ralph, Dave and Art

Detour – Pachyderm or Pack a Box. In Pachyderm, teams must decorate an elephant and deliver manure. In Pack a Box, teams must pack 10 boxes of ginger and deliver to a shipping company.

Pachyderm – Rachel & Dave, Vanessa & Ralph, Brendon & Rachel

Pack a Box – Art & JJ

1st – Rachel & Dave – they win $10,000 each

2nd – Brendon & Rachel

3rd – Vanessa & Ralph

4th – Art & JJ

5th – Bopper & Mark

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