Amazing Race April 3, 2011 Results 4/3/11

There will be no The Amazing Race April 3, 2011 which is tonight. Instead, the 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards will be aired. The show will be back next week though so for now here’s the recap of the previous episode.

In leg 6, the teams travel from China to India. For the roadblock, one of the team members had to take part in an Indian tea tasting ceremony where they had to take papaya, mango and brick of team to the tea auctioneer. They have to find the tea cup that held the same papaya and mango infused tea and once found, they will get their next clue.

Meanwhile, the detour was a choice between Hindu Art and Bengali Literature. In Hindu Art, teams traveled to the Rakhal Paul and Sons statue shop where they had to paint and then dress a statue of the Hindu god Ganesha. In Bengali Literature, teams traveled to the Dey’s Publishing house and picked up eight bundles of the children’s book. 

Gary & Mallory arrived first, winning an Indian dinner for two featuring Bollywood-inspired dance entertainment and over $20,000 to share. On the other hand, the last team to arrive was Margie & Luke, having them eliminated from the race.

So there, no Amazing Race 4/3/11 results tonight because of the awards night. Be back for the results next week.

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