Amazing Race April 8, 2012 Results 4/8/12

It’s going to be an all new episode of Amazing Race for tonight, April 8, 2012. It’s the 7th leg of the race and the teams will travel from Azerbaijan going to Tanzania. 6 teams remain but one team might be sent home after tonight. Which team would you like to get eliminated on TAR – Amazing Race episode 7?

The race goes to Africa. Expect some fights, tears, shocking revelations and dancing. What could be considered the highlight of tonight’s episode aside from the challenges and roadblocks is Rachel and Vanessa’s catfight. The two’s long-simmering catfight finally boils over tonight. It starts when Brendon flew by Ralph, bump him and gave him a finger thrown at Ralph’s face all of a sudden. Art & JJ witness it and Ralph confronts Brendon about it. This begins the catfight between the two ladies.

The promo shows Rachel asking Vanessa if she’s 38 and tells her to grow up. Vanessa then tells her that somehow she looks younger. The other teams are just in the background watching with amusement. Who among Brendon & Rachel and Vanessa & Ralph are correct in the scenario?

Meanwhile, one of the detours for this leg could be the racers training alongside the Masai warriors in Tanzania in which they must break moving clay targets with a traditional Masai hunting weapon in order to receive their next clue. What could be the task for the other detour and what will be the roadblock for this leg?

Tonight’s episode is titled “I Didn’t Make Her Cry” which could refer to Rachel after it gets feisty with Vanessa.

Updates on the this leg will be provided here. While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, share this on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. Find out the roadblock, the detour and the pit stop for this leg. Of course, the team who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 4/8/12 results will be posted here.

UpdateNary & Jamie were the last team to arrive. However it’s a non-elimination leg so no one was eliminated.

Due to live masters golf overrun Amazing Race will be delayed for aoubt 52 minutes for East/Central Time zone viewers…

Departure – teams must travel to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

First to depart – Rachel & Dave.

Art & JJ finds out that Nary & Jamie are agents but the ladies stick to their story about being teachers.

Heated argument at the airport between Brendon & Rachel and Vanessa & Ralph.

Next task – the teams must goto Arusha Airstrip. First plane – Art & JJ and Brendon & Rachel. Second plane – Bopper & Mark and Rachel & Dave. Third plane – Vanessa & Ralph and Nary & Jamie

Detour – Marksmanship or Courtship. In Marksmanship, teams must learn to hunt and master the use of a Masai hunting weapon. In Courtship, teams must join Bandai warriors in traditional jumping ritual for one minute.

Marksmanship – Art & JJ, Rachel & Dave, Nary & Jamie, Vanessa & Ralph

Courtship – Brendon & Rachel, Bopper & Mark


Order of arrival at the pit stop:

1st – Rachel & Dave – they win a trip for two to Costa Rica

2nd – Bopper & Mark

3rd – Art & JJ

4th – Brendon & Rachel

5th – Vanessa & Ralph

6th – Nary & Jamie




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  1. what is up with CBS…1st why have they allowed a internet porn star on TAR? 2nd Why does CBS feel that they have to pay for Rachel’s Wedding? I guess we will see Rachel & “her man” next on Survivor so she can pay for Honeymoon.

  2. Am I alone here? I am so sick of Rachel’s crying. Have you noticed that she doesn’t even have tears? Just crying.So Fake! Vanessa is right she does look younger than Rachel. Rooster you cry just like Rachel. Derrick, Rachel and “her man” will have to make the rounds. Next Survior.LOL

  3. GrannyGail….
    Ur right, then after that we will see Rachel on the “Bad Girls Club!” And Brendon on the “Bachelor.” hahahahaha!

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