Amazing Race December 1, 2013 Results 12/1/13

The Amazing Race 23 airs tonight with an all new episode. With only four remaining teams left, will tonight be the second non-elimination leg?

“Cobra In My Teeth” is the title for tonight’s episode. The final four teams will remain in Indonesia for the challenges for this leg, which includes eating a cooked cobra while in front of live ones. Plus, racers will reach their boiling point during a challenge road block.

The road block for tonight is to boil 6 white and 6 brown eggs in volcanic spring while the detour is either to dress up as Javanese bride or search for shears in tea leaves field.

Those who will do the dress up include Jason & Amy, Tim & Marie, Travis & Nicole and Leo & Jamal. The cousins are also seen doing the other detour so they could have did the tea task first before doing the dress up.

If this is so, they might end up as the last team to arrive and may or may not be eliminated.

Anyway, do follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for tonight’s episode updates and results. Find out whether Leo and Jamal arrives last at a non-elimination leg or they got kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race’s 12/1/13 episode. Only a few more episodes left so better not miss it tonight!

Update: No one was eliminated. Leo & Jamal arrived last so they must perform as speed bump next week.

ROADBLOCK – Those who will do this task must go to an old volcano and boil a dozen eggs in a boiling water found in a spring.

DETOUR – Paint your partner or Turn Over a New Leaf.  In paint your partner, teams must put makeup on each other. In turn over a new leaf teams must find shears in a field of tea leaves.

Turn over a new leaf – Leo & Jamal

Paint your partner – Tim & Marie, Nicole & Travis, Jason & Amy

** Leo & Jamal gave up in the tea leaves task and went to paint your partner but when they find out they must shave their moustache, they went back to the tea field task.



1st – Jason & Amy – they win a trip for two to Cancun, Mexico

2nd – Tim & Marie

3rd – Nicole & Travis

4th – Leo & Jamal


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