Amazing Race December 11, 2011 Finale Winner, Who won 12/11/11 Results?

The Amazing Race 19 finale airs tonight, December 11, 2011. From Panama, the final three teams will go back to the U.S. for the last pit stop of the race. Who among Jeremy & Sandy, Amani & Marcus and Ernie & Cindy do you think will be the winner? Results will be provided here, as always.

After 4 continents and 20 cities, the final teams will go back to Atlanta, Georgia as they get closer to the $1 million dollar grand prize on this year’s finale. The dating couple have something to prove, the overachievers who often stumbled, and the comeback kids, the pressure is on as teams fight to stay on course. Which couple has what it takes to win the million dollars?

What could be the detour in this finale episode? The roadblock involves typing on a Remington typewriter. Some will regret not having to do the roadblock while some have difficulty performing their tasks.

Who do you want to win this race? It has been a long time since the final three teams consist of both male and female contestant, making this finale exciting. Who are you predicting to be the winner? Do you think the final three deserve to be in the finale?

We are predicting Jeremy & Sandy to be the winner. How about you? Have any guesses?

Anyway, follow us on Twitter for the updates on the show. Find out the team who won Amazing Race 12/11/11 winner. Results will be posted.

Update: Ernie & Cindy wins Amazing Race 19!

2nd place – Jeremy & Sandy

3rd – Amani & Marcus

18 thoughts on “Amazing Race December 11, 2011 Finale Winner, Who won 12/11/11 Results?

  1. I hope everyone check this Website and not watch the actual CBS Show since the Snowboarders got screwed last week!!!!!!!! Let us boycott because they were far above da rest and when they showed the cab drivers helping out those bottom three teams, JUSTICE and hit CBS in their audience ad $$$$$$$, would send a distinct and clear message!!! I may be one, but I hope others will jump on the band wagon!!! If we do not, guess what, CBS and the other networks will go down their merry way not carrying what we care!!!

    Please join in!!!

  2. No results yet I see. Really Colina, good luck with that. Have watched since day one and will until the day cancelled. Good luck with that! Not sure who I want to win just want to see a good show.

  3. I think it would be boring if the snow boarders were still in it! There would be no excitement, no wondering who will win. Please cry me a river!!! They won everything else, let someone else come on top.

  4. So Happy that ernie and sindy won, they deserved it, would have liked it more if the snowboarders won but if they didnt win it then i am happy thaat they won.

  5. Awwwww….I would have liked to have seen Amani, & Marcus win the race, but I’m “ok” with who won it all.

    Next season Rachael, & Brendon from “Big Brother 12 & 13” will be contestants on The Amazing Race…I DO NOT Like former Reality Show contestants making reappearences on CBS Shows, its LAME! And plus haven’t we all “Seen” Enough of Rachael & Brendon…jmo

  6. I definitely hope Ernie and his annoying wife doesn’t win. I will not be watching considering. My guys got ucked. I will nit be watching until next one. That’s even a maybe

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