Amazing Race December 12, 2014 Results 12/12/14

How fast time flies! I can’t believe it’s almost the finale! I missed a couple of episodes already this season so I really wish the show’s schedule will be back to Sundays.

Anyway, it’s the second to the last episode of The Amazing Race 25 tonight. The four remaining teams are still in the Philippines for their next set of tasks. Who among the top 4 finalists won’t make it to next week’s finale?

Brooke & Robbie will perform a speed bump since they were the last team to arrive on the last leg. Will this cost them to be sent home tonight?

Two strong teams will make a potentially one million dollar mistake. Plus, there’s a shocking news at the pit stop.

Meanwhile, detour is either a basketball match or a “padyak rally”.

The roadblock is to deliver husks and walis tingting to three vendors.

Pit stop is at Baluarte de San Diego, Intramuros.

Who’s going to be in the finale next week? Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for updates. The final teams and the team who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race’s 12/12/14 episode will be here.

Update: No one was eliminated.


1st – Misti & Jim – 9:01 AM

2nd – Amy & Maya – 9:02 AM

3rd – Adam & Bethany – 9:05 AM

4th – Brooke & Robbie – 9:07 AM


SPEED BUMP – Brooke & Robbie must transfer a street vendor’s goods from one cart to another.


This – Adam & Bethany, Brooke & Robbie

That – Misti & Jim, Amy & Maya


ROAD BLOCK – those who will do it must pick up and deliver two popular coconut products.

Those who did it are Robbie, Jim, Adam, Amy


PIT STOP – Fort San Diego

1st – Brooke & Robbie

2nd – Adam & Bethany

3rd – Misti  Jim

4th – Amy & Maya

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