Amazing Race December 19, 2014 Finale Winner, Who won 12/19/14 Results?

The final race this season is about to happen tonight. Yes, it’s the Amazing Race 25 finale already. Not my fave season definitely, but it’s partly due to schedule. Please bring it back on Sundays!

The final four teams in order of arrival in the previous leg are Brooke & Robbie, Adam & Bethany, Misti & Jim and Amy & Maya. From the Philippines, these teams will travel back to the U.S. for the final leg.

The second to the final roadblock this season will be to stunt leap through a Candy glass window while the final roadblock could be a memory task. Not much info about the other tasks though but one of the teams might be eliminated during the first part of the show.

Find out who wins the Amazing Race 25 tonight, December 19, 2014. Results will be posted. Meanwhile, follow this blog on Twitter or join us on Facebook while waiting for updates.

Update: Amy & Maya wins The Amazing Race 25!

ROAD BLOCK – shoot a stunt scene in which they must leap through a Candy glass window.

Those who did it are – Maya, Adam, Jim


ELIMINATED – Brooke & Robbie – they lost because of the last task.


ROAD BLOCK – players must find 9 specific containers in a shipping yard with labels representing 9 cities visited during the race. They must put those cities in order which they traveled.

Those who did it are – Bethany, Misti and Amy


FINISH LINE – Point Vincent Lighthouse

WINNERS – Amy & Maya

2nd – Misti & Jim

3rd – Adam & Bethany


7 thoughts on “Amazing Race December 19, 2014 Finale Winner, Who won 12/19/14 Results?

  1. Disappointed that Adam & Bethany didn’t win. Bethany is an amazing lady. One arm and look what she did. Even though they came in third she out did everybody else. I doubt there’s anything that Bethany can’t do.

  2. Well, I wanted Adam and Bethany to win, but if I had to make another choice, the scientists would be it because I didn’t care too much for the dentists or the wrestlers. I hate when the season ends! I hope they put it back on Sundays next season. I didn’t like the Friday thing.

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