Amazing Race December 2, 2012 Results 12/2/12

Only two episodes left in the Emmy award winning reality show and for tonight’s episode, the four remaining teams will travel from Netherlands going to Spain. Will tonight be a non-elimination leg or only three teams will be at the finale next week?

The final four teams will make their way through Spain to Rafael Nadal’s practice courts on tonight’s episode titled “Not a Well-Rounded Athlete”. They must power though and ace the final challenges. Can they get it in gear? Meanwhile, Josh faces his bad point as they practice on the same court while Trey and Lexi will get a crash course in bull fighting.

The roadblock will be to return twenty volleys from a tennis ball machine. Who will be performing this task from each team?

The detour will be either to repair a windmill or run an obstacle course through the capes of the matadors while dressed as bull. That’s where one of the contestants will get hurt. Those who will choose detour B (the obstacle course) will include Trey & Lexi while Natalie & Nadiya choose detour A (repair a windmill).

Speculations say that tonight will be a non-elimination leg. Well, it’s possible since next week is a two-hour finale. If there will be four teams next week, one of the four teams will be eliminated at the first hour. Or, we could be left with a cliffhanger tonight and show who’s out at the beginning of the episode next week. What do you think?

What will be the order of arrival tonight? Again, updates on tonight’s episode will be posted. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting for it. Who will be saved by a non-elimination leg tonight, if ever? Will a team get kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 12/2/12? As always, results will be here.

Update: No one was eliminated. It was a non-elimination leg tonight.

ROAD BLOCK – return 20 tennis balls in bounds – done by Trey, James, Josh and Nadiya

DETOUR – spin it or bull it. In spin it, teams must repair a giant windmill. In bull it, teams must become bulls and run into matadors.

Spin it – Jaymes & James, Josh & Brent, Natalie & Nadiya

Bull it – Trey & Lexi


PIT STOP – Castell de Bellver

1st – Trey & Lexi (they win a trip to Mexico)

2nd – Jaymes & James

3rd – Josh & Brent

4th – Natalie & Nadiya

19 thoughts on “Amazing Race December 2, 2012 Results 12/2/12

  1. I was hoping that tonight would be a elimination leg. I really wanted Natalie and Nadiya to go home. They were so annoying and nasty. They stole James and Abbas money, they were really nasty. Always negative towards the other teams. I really wanted them to go home. They would have deserved it.
    My top 3 since the beginning
    Trey and Lexi, jaymes and James, and josh and brent

  2. I agree Brandon. However, my final three is a bit different then yours. The top three I want are Jamyes and James, Trey and Lexi and Josh and Brent. However, I would be ok with any of the final teams winning except the twins.

  3. I adore the twins. They don’t take s***. They are tomboys, like myself and they are originally NYers (like myself). Take de money home, mi rude gyals yuh!

  4. As far as I see it there is a 50% chance that we could actually have a good natured team win the $1,000,000 prize this year. I would hate to see the Twins or the Texans take home that money after they stole from James and Abba earlier in the season. I was talking to a coworker at DISH who is very excited that the Beekman Boys are still in it, and I don’t think anyone saw that happening at the beginning of the season. I nearly missed the show because of my son’s soccer game, but thankfully my DISH Hopper recorded it with Primetime Anytime. I love how it records everything during primetime on the four major networks and saves it for a week, so I never miss any of my favorite shows. I am glad that I caught it because the challenges were really interesting, especially the one with the dancing demons.

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