Amazing Race December 4, 2011 Results 12/4/11

It’s the second to the last episode of the Amazing Race tonight, December 4, 2011. Four teams remain but after the pit stop, the final three will be determined. Who won’t be seen at the finale next week? Who will arrive at the pit stop first?

The four remaining teams are Andy & Tommy, Jeremy & Sandy, Ernie & Cindy and Amani & Marcus. From Atomium, Brussels, the teams leave going to Panama with tasks and challenges in between.

On team’s missteps could mean elimination. Meanwhile, they must face their fears while taking in astonishing views of the city skyline, which could be in San Francisco Bay in Panama. The task involving this building is the roadblock of this race, which is a high wire walk between two towers. Who will do the roadblock for each team this time? Some of the tasks this episodes include having the next clue written in the arm of the team members and spotting words on the dancers’ skirts. The pit stop in this leg is in Panama Viejo.

By the way, we have found spoilers on who the final three teams are. Please continue reading of you want to know who made it to the finale.

According from this forum, Andy & Tommy didn’t make it, considering they left the pit stop in Atomium first. Most probably they got stuck in one of the tasks. Are you surprised? The team have gotten lots of prizes including the Mustangs, trips, $10,000 cash prize and $15,000 from Discover Card. Thus, the final three are Amani & Marcus, Ernie & Cindy and Jeremy & Sandy. If ever this is true, all left are male/female teams and this hasn’t happen for a long time.

Find out if the spoilers are correct. Follow us on Twitter for the updates on the show. We’ll provide the final three teams and the team who got kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 12/4/11 results, as always.

Update: Andy & Tommy got eliminated; The cab drivers of the final three were the ones who worked together. It’s unfortunate for Andy & Tommy that they were on their own.

1st – Jeremy & Sandy

2nd – Ernie & Cindy

3rd – Amani & Marcus


12 thoughts on “Amazing Race December 4, 2011 Results 12/4/11

  1. The end was totally wrong. Two tems received help because their drivers were talking to the first teams driver. Both teams (number 2 and 3) should have been made to wait for 30 minutes before checking in.

  2. Yes. It was totally unfair. They should allow the boys back on. The cab drivers should not have shared information. I won’t watch the final episode now!

  3. Let us ALL protest and just like that special 99% Group, NO ONE watch the last episode!!!!

    America, let us stand for fairness and the Snow Boarders!!!

  4. Sorry to see Andy and Tommy go. I agree with #9. NO one watch the last episode of Amazing Cheats. Teams #2 and 3 should have waited it out for at least 30 mins or more. Actually the last three didnt complete their last clue, so I call that cheating…. CBS.

  5. Damn, i didn’t see this episode and wanted to know about the results. I think jeremy n sandy never deserved the top 3 place. I agree if the things were unfair then andy n tommy should br briught back.

  6. Does anyone find it suspicious that the team containing the most openly Christian competitor ever get totally screwed in order to be eliminated? Almost as thought the producers got antsy at having a front runner who gives due credit to Chrisrt

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