Amazing Race December 5 2010 Results 12/5/10

The Amazing Race December 5, 2010 is the second to the last episode of season 17. This is the semi-final round and the final three will be determined. Who will be the finalists next week and who gets eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 12/5/10? Results to be posted here.

It was a non-elimination leg last week so even if Nick & Vicki arrived at the pit stop last, there were not kicked off but they have to perform a Speed Bump. Nat & Kat on the other hand, will be leaving first, followed by Jill & Thomas then Brook & Claire.

The final four teams will be traveling from Hong Kong to South Korea in this episode titled “I’m Surrounded By Ninjas” and they are going to fight it out on water and ice to make it to the finale next week.

Who will be the final three teams?

Results of this leg will be here. Find out who the final three teams and who didn’t make it. The team who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 12/5/10 results will be here.

Updates: Nick & Vicki were eliminated;

Final three teams

Jill & Thomas – 2nd team but due to Brooke & Claire having a penalty, they are first.

Brooke & Claire arrived first at the pit stop but has a 30 minute penalty because they took a taxi to their Detour location when the clue instructed teams to travel on foot or take the subway – they placed in 2nd.

Nat & Kat – 3rd team

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