Amazing Race December 8, 2013 Finale Winner, Who won 12/8/13 Results?

Tonight is the Amazing Race 23 two-hour finale! The first part airs at 8pm while the second part airs at 9pm. With only four teams left, one team will be eliminated at the end of the first part and only three teams are one step closer to being this season’s winner. Who do you think will be the final three?

Last week, Leo & Jamal arrived last at the pit stop in Indonesia, but it was a non-elimination leg so they are still in the game. However, they must perform a speed bump. Will they be able to be in the final three?

The 11th leg will have the teams travel from Indonesia to Japan for their next set of challenges while the 12th leg is of course, from Indonesia back to the United States.

Their tasks while in Japan including finding a roaming vending machine and making a phone call at the bottom of a giant fish bowl. The road block is to build a giant robot.

Meanwhile, the speed bump for Leo & Jamal is to capture an escaped rhino.

Who’s going to arrive at the final pit stop first? Who do you want to win?

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Update: Leo & Jamal got eliminated! Jason & Amy wins the Amazing Race 23!



1st – Jason & Amy
2nd – Tim & Marie
3rd – Travis & Nicole
4th – Leo & Jamal

** All teams are on the same flight


DETOUR – Knock it down or Call it up. In knock it down, teams must participate in a wacky Japanese game show called Human Bowling. In call it up, teams must dive into phone booths filled with fish to get a phone message.

Knock it down – Leo & Jamal, Tim & Marie

Call it up – Jason & Amy, Travis & Nicole


SPEED BUMP – Leo & Jamal must capture two “rhinos” (people dressed as rhino)


ROAD BLOCK – build a robot

Those who did it are – Nicole, Amy, Leo, Marie



1st – Tim & Marie – they win a trip to Aruba

2nd – Jason & Amy

3rd – Nicole & Travis

4th – Leo & Jamal – they got eliminated




1st – Time & Marie

2nd – Jason & Amy

3rd – Nicole & Travis


FINAL DESTINATION – Juneau, Alaska – they are on the same flight


ROAD BLOCK – Teams must simulate a supply drop by hitting a target from a flying plane

Those who did it are – Nicole, Amy, Marie


FINAL TASK – build totem poles and spell out the name of the currency from each place they went.


FINISH LINE – end of North Douglas Highway

1st – Jason & Amy

2nd – Tim & Marie

3rd – Travis & Nicole


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  1. Thanks for the updates this season. And thanks for updating so regularly. I am on the edge of my seat. I can’t watch the show until I know Tim and Marie don’t win. My second hatest team got eliminated and out of the doctors and boy/girlfriend doesn’t matter which wins as long as Marie doesn’t win :))

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