Amazing Race February 17, 2013 Results 2/17/13 Premiere

It’s the Amazing Race season 22 tonight! The show which will bring us to different parts of the world as we see the contestants perform tasks and challenges is here once again. Beginning with eleven teams to leave the pit stop, who will be the first team to be eliminated?

There’s no double your money prize, which will enable the winners to get a $2 million grand prize won’t be back this season. But instead, the first team to arrive at the first pit stop will receive in Express Pass for themselves, plus an additional express pass will be given to another team of their choice before the fourth leg.

For tonight’s season premiere which is titled “Business in the Front, Party in the Rack”, the teams will be leaving the pit stop, which is in the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, going to French Polynesia. While there, teams will be skydiving above the island of Bora Bora for their first Roadblock while the second roadblock will involve searching through hundreds of sandcastles.

Anyway, here are the contestants of The Amazing Race 22.

Idries & Jamil – Twin Doctors
Max & Katie – Newlyweds
Mona & Beth – Roller Derby Moms
Bates & Anthony – Hockey Brothers
Chuck & Wynona – Married
David & Connor – Father/Son Cancer Survivors
Caroline & Jennifer – Friends/Country Singers
Joey & Meghan – Friends/YouTube Hosts
Pamela & Winnie – Best Friends
Jessica & John – Dating
Matthew & Daniel – Best Friends/Firefighters

Who will the first team to arrive at the pit stop? Who will be this season’s notable contestants?

We’re here to give updates on the show once again. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for tonight’s season premiere results. The first team who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 2/17/13 results will be posted.

Update: Matt & Daniel have been eliminated!

First destination – Bora Bora

The first five teams on the first flight get a one hour advantage.

The five teams in the first flight are – Idries & Jamil, Chuck & Wynona, Pam & Winnie, David & Connor, Jessica & John

1st Road block – skydiving from a helicopter. Those who did it are Winnie, Jamil, John, Connor, Chuck, Bates, Caroline, Mona, Max, Matt, Meghan

2nd Road block – search for clue in hundreds of sandcastles. They must build whatever they destroy. This made three teams who were left to take the penalty. Those who did it are Jessica, Idries, Dave, Pam, Wynona, Anthony, Jennifer, Katie, Joey, Beth



1st – Jessica & John – they win the express pass

2nd – Bates & Anthony

3rd – Dave & Connor

4th – Pam & Winnie

5th – Mona & Beth

6th – Joey & Meghan

7th – Chuck & Wynona

8th – Idries & Jamil

9th – Max & Katie

10th – Caroline & Jennife

11th – Matt & Daniel


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