Amazing Race February 20, 2011 Results 2/20/11 Premiere

The Amazing Race season 18 premieres tonight, February 20, 2011. Dubbed as “Unfinished Business” 11 teams from the previous season are back to compete for 1M dollars by racing around the world. Who among the teams will get eliminated on Amazing Race 2/20/11 results?

For the list of casts, check out the Amazing Race 18 contestants.

The TAR 18 premiere will only be an hour episode. Titled “Head Down and Hold On”, the contestants will be leaving Palm Springs, Californa with San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm as the starting line going to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

What challenges await the contestants in Australia? What roadblocks will there be and where will the first pit stop be? Who are you excited to see again on the race?

Who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 2/20/11 results which is the season 18 premiere? We’ll post updates again. Stay tuned for it.

Updates: Leg 1 to be continued on Sunday

1st – Gary & Mallory

2nd – Amanda & Kris

3rd – Kisha & Jen

4th – Zev & Justin

5th – Flight Time & Big Easy

6th – Jaime & Cara

7th – Margie & Luke

8th – Ron & Christina

9th – Mel & Mike

10th – Kent & Vyxsin

11th – Jet & Cord

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