Amazing Race February 23, 2014 Results 2/23/14 Premiere

The Amazing Race is back tonight for its 24th season starting tonight! Are you looking forward to watch the season premiere tonight? Could this be the best season ever?

Dubbed as The Amazing Race All Stars, this season’s contestants are former contestants of the show, going back as far as season 14. For some of them, this is already their third time to participate. Who will be the first team to be eliminated? Who among the returning contestants you don’t like and wished they have never returned?

For tonight’s season premiere titled “Back in the Saddle”, one team won’t even make it to the starting line, which is at the Cougar Stadium, College of the Canyons, in Valencia, CA. Who among the 11 teams won’t make it?

Anyway, from the starting line, teams will travel to Guangzhou, China. Some of the teams will go via Hongkong route while some will go via Taiwan route.

The road block for tonight is to hang from a wire and do ten somersaults and the pit stop is at Guangzhou Grand Theatre, HuaCheng Square.

Results and updates will be posted once again, beginning tonight. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the while waiting for it. The first team who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 2/23/14 results will be posted.

Brendon & Rachel – Newlyweds
Bopper & Mark – Friends
Caroline & Jennifer – Friends
Dave & Connor – Father and Son
Flight Time & Big Easy – Friends
Jet & Cord – Brothers
Joey & Meghan – Best Friends
John & Jessica – Engaged
Leo & Jamal – Cousins
Margie & Luke – Mother & Son
Natalie & Nadiya – Twins

Update: Natalie & Nadiya got eliminated!

Bopper had a pancreas attack the night before the race starts. Doctor said he is not healthy enough for the race and the show offered Mark a new partner – Mallory from seasons 17 and 18. She raced with Gary, her dad.

TEAMS MUST GO TO Guangzhou, China:

1. In the first flight are Leo & Jamal, Jet & Cord, Dave & Connor, Natalie & Nadiya

2. Final flight include John & Jessica, Joey & Meghan, and Caroline & Jennifer


1ST TASK – search through a street full of wedding dresses. Three shops contain the clues.


ROAD BLOCK – teams must perform five high wire flips 300 ft on air. Those who did it are:

– Cord, Brendon, Margie, Connor, Leo, Mallory, Flight Time, Joey, Natalie



1st – Jet & Cord – they win 2 express passes – one for them and another one to give to the team they will choose

2nd – Brendon & Rachel

3rd – Dave & Connor

4th – Margie & Luke

5th – Leo & Jamal

6th – Mallory & Mark

7th – Flight Time & Big Easy

8th – John & Jessica

9th – Caroline & Jennifer

10th – Joey & Meghan

11th – Natalie & Nadiya – eliminated!



11 thoughts on “Amazing Race February 23, 2014 Results 2/23/14 Premiere

  1. Thankful I won’t have to mute the sound as much. Now if the Afghan animal team will go next week we can enjoy the rest of the season. They are a good team just so annoying

  2. There are actually several teams I wouldn’t mind seeing get eliminated, but at least the twins are gone. You would think they would have learned something from watching themselves in their original season. Oh well.

  3. Best beginning of a season of TAR with the elimination of the Twinnies. If I could get my next wish now of the Afghanimals being eliminated in the second leg I will have no issues with the race. :). Lifetimer of TAR!

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