Amazing Race February 24, 2013 Results 2/24/13

It’s just the second episode of the Amazing Race 22 tonight, but it looks like everything is getting intense. The highlights of the show tonight include an extreme panic from a team and an injury from another team.

Titled “Loose Lips Sink Ships”, one team will experience extreme panic as they face one of the challenges which includes underwater diving, which is one of the detours. Meanwhile, another team will injure themselves sprinting to the mat, which might cause their future in the race. Which among the teams could it be?

The roadblock involves walking on stilts and kicking a coconut across the beach and the detour is either underwater diving or diving of pearls. Who will perform the roadblock and which detours will the racers choose?

There’s still the express pass to be given by the lead last week at the season premiere. To which team will Jessica and John give it to?

Updates on the show tonight will be posted. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting for it. Find out which among the teams will be the next to get kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 2/24/13.

Update: Idries and Jamil have been eliminated.

Jessica & John are thinking of an excuse not to give the express pass to Dave & Connor.


DETOUR – pick a pearl or take a trunk. In pick a pearl, teams must untie lines of shells, open them to find two red pearls. In take a trunk, teams must grab a trunk and construct an underwater picnic dining experience.

Pick a pearl – Dave & Donnor, Jessica & John, Bates & Anthony, Joey & Meghan, Pam & Winnie, Chuck & Wynona

Take a trunk – Mona & Beth, Max & Katie, Caroline & Jennifer, Idries & Jamil (switched from pick a pearl)


ROAD BLOCK – kicking a coconut on stilts. The contestants must go 35 feet and cross the goal.

Those who did it are Joey, Jessica, Connor, Anthony, Beth, Chuck, Pam, Max, Caroline and Jamil




1st – Bates & Anthony (win a trip to London)
2nd – Dave & Connor
3rd – Jessica & John
4th – Joey & Meghan
5th – Chuck & Wynona
6th – Mona & Beth
7th – Caroline & Jennifer
8th – Max & Katie
9th – Pam & Winnie
10th – Idries & Jamil



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