Amazing Race February 25, 2015 Results 2/25/15 Premiere

It’s a big night tonight for reality shows fans! For the first time ever, Survivor and Amazing Race premieres on the same night!

What’s new is that five of the teams are going to meet for the first time in a “blind date” and race around the world. Will this teams last and find love as they travel and do challenges?

Here are the five teams meeting for the first time – Bergen & Kurt, Hayley & Blair, Jeff & Jackie, Jelani & Jenny, Laura & Tyler

Teams who are Dating – Aly & Steve, Harley & Jonathan, Jeff & Lyda, Libby & CJ, Matt & Ashley, Mike & Rochelle

Tonight’s first leg has the teams travel from Castaic Lake in California to Tokyo Japan.

All teams except for Hayley & Blair, Mike & Rochelle, and Libby & CJ were in the first flight.

DETOUR – syncing steps or samurai sake. In syncing steps, teams must do a slow-motion choreography. In samurai sake, teams must remember the names of ten different sake and server the one the customers order.

Syncing steps – Jelani and Jenny, Laura & Tyler, Matt & Ashley, Aly & Steve, Bergen & Kurt, Jeff & Lydia, Mike & Rochelle, Libby & CJ, Harley & Blair

Samurai sake – Jeff & Jackie, Harley & Jonathan


** Mike & Rochelle u-turned Jeff & Lyda

** Harley & Blair didn’t u-turn anyone. Same with Matt & Ashley

** Jeff & Lydia u-turned Jeff & Jackie not knowing they already reached the pit stop



1st – Jelani & Jenny – they win the Express Pass

2nd – Jeff & Jackie

3rd – Laura & Tyler

4th – Aly & Steve

5th – Harley & Jonathan

6th – Bergen & Kurt

7th – Mike & Rochelle

8th – Hayley & Blair

9th – Matt & Ashley

10th – Libby & CJ

11th – Jeff & Lydia – eliminated


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