Amazing Race February 26, 2012 Results 2/26/12

The race continues tonight in Amazing Race February 26, 2012, which is the second leg this season. Exotic destination, frustrating challenges and explosive confrontations. Which teams has what it takes to win the race? Who will be the second team to be eliminated in The Amazing Race?

The teams are still in Argentina for their next set of tasks. One couple will get frustration as their plan for a challenge won’t go as expected. Racers will also test their numerical skills at the world’s largest cattle market. Who’s this team? One of the members of this team will have a breakdown and expect a chaos as well as they try to use their numerical skills.

The patrol agents will make a run for the border while Brenchel have a meltdown. Meanwhile, the country boys will surprise everyone as they arrive in the cattle race task.

So Rachel’s whining and crying begins in this episode. She’ll be doing the road block by the way in this episode titled “You Know I’m Not As Smart As You”. For the detour, Dave & Rachel, Vanessa & Ralph and Art & JJ will pick the donkey task while Bopper & Mark and Brendon & Rachel will do Solar power. We’re not sure about the other teams though.

So who will be arriving at the pit stop last? Some say it’s Dave & Cherie while some say it’s the clowns. Who do you want to be out of the game tonight?

Again, follow us on Twitter for the updates tonight. We’ll provide the order the teams arrived. Of course, the next couple who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 2/26/12 results will be posted, as always.

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Update: Dave & Cherie were eliminated, being the last team to arrive.

Detour – boil my water or light my fire

Most of the teams picked the solar panel task (light my fire boil my water), but Art & JJ, who chose the donkey task. They were not able to find the place easily. They thought they are left behind but they were able to finish the task than the other teams who were still waiting for their kettle to boil.

Next task – travel to the city of Buenos Aires

Road block – one of the teams must count the number of cattles and do some Math.


1st – Dave & Rachel

2nd – Art & JJ

3rd – Bopper & Mark

4th – Brendon & Rachel

5th – Kerri & Stacy

6th – Nary & Jaimie

7th – Vanessa & Ralph

8th – Joey & Danny

9th – Elliot & Andrew

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