Amazing Race February 27, 2011 Results 2/27/11

The Amazing Race February 27, 2011 episode 2 will be the continuation from last week’s premiere. The eleven teams were told to continue the race after reaching the pit stop with Jet and Cord as the last team to arrive. Will they be able to catch up with the rest or will the be the first team who gets eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 2/27/11 results?

One team is brought to tears as exhaustion threatens to end their race. Which team could it be? Meanwhile, the teams has to be dressed as kangaroos in this episode titled “I Never Looked So Foolish in My Whole Entire Life”. Tempers start to flare as tension arises between Ron and Christina while Jet & Cord are in big trouble as they don’t have any idea what to do with the codes.

Who do you think will arrive last at the pit stop tonight? Could it be Jet & Cord because they arrived last and are lost of what to do, or Amanda & Kent & Vyxsin? Anything could happen in the second leg of the race.

Results for tonight’s leg will be posted here. Find out which team who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 2/27/11 results here soon.

Update: Amanda & Kris were eliminated;

1 – Zev & Justin

2 – Flight Time & Big Easy

3 – Jet & Cord

4 – Kisha & Jen

5 – Margie & Luke

6 – Mel & Mike

7 – Kent & Vyxsin

8 – Jaime & Cara

9 – Gary & Mallory

10 – Ron & Christina

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