Amazing Race February 27, 2015 Results 2/27/15

The second episode of the Amazing Race 26 airs tonight! One team got eliminated during the season premiere last Wednesday. Who will be next?

Still in Japan, teams will be traveling from Tokyo to Nagano. One team makes a decision which might jeopardize their chances on the race. Find out who they are!

Meanwhile, the roadblock will be top open a puzzle box to reveal a password while detour is to feed the partner Japanese noodles or to push partner around the ice rink while he/she is on a chair.

Who will do what? Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook for tonight’s results. Find out which team will be arriving last at the pit stop and be eliminated on the Amazing Race’s 02/27/2015 episode.

Update: CJ & Libby got eliminated!

1st train to Nagano – Jelani & Jenny, Jeff & Jackie, Laura & Tyler

2nd train to Nagano – Aly & Steve

3rd train to Nagano – Mike & Rochelle, Bergen & Kurt, Harley & Jonathan

4th train to Nagano – Hayley & Blair, Matt & Ashley


ROADBLOCK – player must open a box that can be unlocked by a series of steps. Inside is a password written on it and must say it to an inspector for their next clue. One of the clues has a special date night prize for the next leg of the trace.

** Harley wins the clue


DETOUR – Share or Chair. In share, teams must feed each other Japanese noodles with chopsticks. In chair, one of the team member must push the other on a chair for one lap in an ice skating rink.

Share – Laura & Tyler, Jelani & Jenny, Harley & Jonathan, Kurt & Bergen, Mike & Rochelle, Libby & CJ

Chair – Aly & Steve, Jeff & Jackie, Mike & Rochelle, Jeff & Jackie, Matt & Ashley, Hayley & Blair


PIT STOP – Patio Daimon

1st – Jelani & Jenny – they win Fitbit products and a gym membership

2nd – Laura & Tyler

3rd – Aly & Steve

4th – Harley & Jonathan

5th – Bergen & Kurt

6th – Jeff & Jackie

7th – Matt & Ashley

8th – Mike & Rochelle

9th – Hayley & Blair

10th – CJ & Libby – ELIMINATED

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