Amazing Race March 10, 2013 Results 3/10/13

Tonight’s the Amazing Race 22 episode 4 is the continuation from last week’s episode. David & Connor arrives first at the pit stop as they used their express pass. But who will arrive last and be eliminated? Plus, the teams will travel from New Zealand going to Bali, Indonesia to perform their next set of tasks.

The teams travel to Bali, where the heat is on and the surf is  up. Teams monkey around while Caroline reaches her breaking point. Will that cause their team to be sent home or will that cause their team to quit? They say it’s the longest leg in the Amazing Race history. Could it be because of continuous travel since Bora Bora, with six flights at one go, sleeping on the airport, in a tent, sleeping on another airport?

For tonight, the road block is to choose the correct surfboard and carry it down the cliff to the beach while one of the detours is to assemble a “Gebogan”, a religious offering. One of the teams will make history to avoid elimination. What will this team do and who do you think will they be?

By the way, there’s no U-turn yet so far. Will there be a U-turn tonight? Who will it be used to and who will use it?

Anyway, updates on what happened on tonight’s leg will be posted. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. Find out who will be the team who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 3/10/13. Results will be provided, as always.

Update: Jessica & John were eliminated.



1st – Dave & Connor
2nd- Jessica &  John
3rd- Bates & Anthony
4th- Pam & Winnie
5th- Joey & Meghan
6th- Caroline & Jennifer
7th- Mona & Beth
8th – Max & Katie
9th – Chuck & Wynona

Chuck & Wynona was eliminated since it’s a continuation leg.


From New Zealand, teams must travel to Bali, Indonesia.

First flight – Max & Katie, Dave & Connor, Caroline & Jennifer, Pam & Winnie

Second flight – Mona & Beth, Bates & Anthony, Chuck & Wynona

Third flight – Joey & Meghan, Jessica & John


DETOUR – sandy bottom or fruity top. In sandy bottom, teams must collect sand from the bottom of the river and transport it uphill to the brick maker. In fruity top, teams must prepare an elaborate religious offering then carry it to the priest.

Sandy bottom – Mona & Beth, Jessica & John (from fruity top)

Fruity top – Dave & Connor, Max & Katie, Pam & Winnie, Caroline & Jennifer, Joey & Meghan, Chuck & Wynona, Bates & Anthony


ROAD BLOCK – contestants must choose a surfboard with a picture they have encountered along the race and bringing it to the pit stop.

Those who did it are – Winnie, Connor, Max, Caroline, Chuck, Joey, Mona, Bates and John



1st – Dave & Connor – they win $5,000 each
2nd – Pam & Winnie
3rd – Max & Katie
4th – Caroline & Jennifer
5th – Joey & Meghan
6th – Mona & Beth
7th – Bates & Anthony
8th – Chuck & Wynona
9th – Jessica & John

The other express pass has been put to waste with Jessica & John not using it.

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  1. yes they did get eliminated! the last episode was a continuation, not this one. they never used their express pass and they were last at the surfboards-so they are out.

  2. Geesh…There is no one I really care about, or dislike on this edition of “The Amazing Race.” But the Dad (with the bum leg), & Son team seem kinda special, Dave & Conner. =)

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