Amazing Race March 11, 2012 Results 3/11/12

The race continues on the Amazing Race March 11, 2012, which is the fourth leg this season. From Paraguay, the eight remaining teams will travel to Italy to perform the next detour and roadblock. Will the last team to arrive at the pit stop be eliminated on TAR Amazing Race episode 4?

The teams will be leaving the pit stop in Asuncion, Paraguay to travel to Turin, Italy. From there, they are going to perform their next set of tasks which will drive teams over the edge, including Brendon & Rachel and Dave & Rachel. Art & JJ is the first team to leave the pit stop, but will the other teams be able to catch up with them?

Meanwhile, an unexpected beheading occurs as teams polish off a dirty task, and a random act of kindness will leave one team in tears. Which team could it be?

The title of the episode tonight is “Taste Your Salami”. Dave & Rachel will perform a detour which will require the teams to clean and polish some of Turin’s most treasured statues while Brendon & Rachel too the other detour which requires teams to identify by taste some of Italy’s most treasured delicacies. Those with the same detour as Rachel & Dave are Ralph & Vanessa. Who will take the same detour as Brenchel?

Another highlight on the show tonight could be the fast forward. Which team will take it and who will do the roadblock, which is about rappelling? Could it be Art & JJ take the fast forward?

We thought last week will be a non-elimination leg. Will it happen tonight? If not, which will do you think will be sent home next?

Updates will be posted here. While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, share this on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. The next couple or team who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 3/11/12 results will be here. Of course, the orders of the teams’ arrival will be here as well.

Update: Bopper & Mark were the last team to arrive. However it’s a non-elimination leg so no one was eliminated.

Detour – clean that statue or name that salami.

Clean that statue – Joey & Danny, Nary & Jamie, Vanessa & Ralph, Rachel & Dave, Bopper & Mark

Name that salami – Brendon & Rachel, Kerry & Stacy


1st – Art & JJ – they won a fast forward (win $5,000 each)

2nd – Rachel & Dave

3rd – Joey & Danny

4th – Vanessa & Ralph

5th – Nary & Jamie

6th – Brendon & Rachel

7th – Kerry & Stacy

8th – Bopper & Mark


** Art & JJ split the money they won with Bopper. Bopper is in the race for his daughter.

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