Amazing Race March 13, 2011 Results 3/13/11

The Amazing Race March 13, 2011 is the fourth leg where the remaining teams travel from Japan to China. Who will be the next to be sent home? Which team gets eliminated on TAR Amazing race 3/13/11 results?

The nine remaining teams will leave Commodore Perry’s Landing in Kurihama, Japan where they will travel to Yunnan, China. What will be the detour and challenges for this episode titled “This is the Most Stupid Day Ever”?

Last week, Mel & Mike were treated for hypothermia while trying to complete the “Frog of Luck” Detour. They were unable to complete the task, and were told to go directly to the Pit Stop for elimination. Will there be something like this again?

Who will be the next to arrive at the pit stop last? Anyway, The one who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 3/13/11 results will be here.


1st – Margie & Luke

2nd – Jet & Cord

3rd – Gary & Mallory

4th – Ron & Christina

5th – Kisha & Jen

6th – Flight Time & Big Easy

7th – Jaime & Cara

8th – Zev & Justin

9th – Kent & Vyxsin

Kent & Vyxsin got lost in Japan and did not take make the flight from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport to Kunming Wujiaba International Airport as required by the clue. As they did not check in at the conclusion of episode 4, it is not known if they will receive a penalty for violating a race rule.

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