Amazing Race March 13, 2015 Results 3/13/15

An all new episode of the Amazing Race airs tonight. The teams remain in Thailand for this 4th leg of the race. For Jonathan & Harley, since they were the last team to arrive at the last pit stop, they must perform a speed bump. They must build a grasshopper made of leaves.

The first team to leave is Mike and Rochelle going to their next destination, which is Bangkok. Here is the order of departure:

1st – Mike & Rochelle

2nd – Hayley & Blair

3rd – Jelany & Jenny

4th – Laura & Tyler

5th – Aly & Steven

6th – Matt & Ashley

7th – Bergen & Kurt

8th – Jeff & Jackie

9th – Harley & Jonathan

Their first task is to go to the Buddhist temple of Wat Yannawa to get their clue for the detour which is either water or wheel. They must go to their next destination by water or by land. There are two stops along the way. For water detour, first stop is at a market and eat a thousand year old egg. Second stop is to take part in a traditional Thai prayer.

For the wheel detour, first stop is to play a game of snooker. Second stop is to feed cats.

Water – Laura & Tyler, Matt & Ashley, Bergen & Kurt, Mike & Rochelle, Aly & Steve

Wheel РJeff & Jackie, Jelani & Jenny, Hayley & Blair (switched from water), Jonathan & Harley


Roadblock – the player must remove the transmission from a faulty car and search for a missing screwdriver.


PIT STOP – Loha Prasat

1st – Bergen & Kurt (they win a trip to Mexico)

2nd – Hayley & Blair

3rd – Aly & Steve

4th – Laura & Tyler

5th – Jeff & Jackie

6th – Mike & Rochelle

7th – Jelani & Jenny

8th – Matt & Ashley

ELIMINATED – Jonathan & Harley

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