Amazing Race March 16, 2014 Results 3/16/14

An all new episode of the Amazing Race 24 airs tonight! The eight remaining teams will be in Malaysia for their next set of task. Will tonight be a non-elimination leg?

One of the contestants will have a meltdown during a detour while another one will pour blood and tears during a roadblock. Could this prove that the detour and the roadblock is quite difficult tonight?

The roadblock for this 4th leg is to jump and collect the Sabah flag. Then, teams must travel to Kuala Lumpur for the detour, which is either to play the master track as DJs or make seven cocktails and pour them into pyramid of glasses.

Those who might choose the DJ task include Flight Time & Big Easy and Jennifer & Caroline while those who might choose the cocktail task include Margie & Luke, David & Connor. Seems a pretty hard task but we’ll see tonight.

There are spoilers that the next team to be eliminated is Margie & Luke. We’ll confirm tonight if the mother and son goes home after this.

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Update: Brendon & Rachel arrived last, but no one was eliminated. 

ROAD BLOCK – One from each team must jump on a bamboo trampoline and get the Sabah flag.

Those who did it are Cord, Connor, Leo, Luke, Big Easy, Caroline, Jessica, Rachel


After the road block, teams must travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There are three flights. The first flight is 90 minutes earlier. The second flight is 45 minutes earlier than the third flight. However, the second flight got delayed which had them neck and neck over 2 hours behind those in the first flights.

First flight – Dave & Connor, Leo & Jamal, Jet & Cord

Second flight – Margie & Luke, Flight Time & Big Easy

Third flight – Caroline & Jennifer, Jessica & John, Brendon & Rachel


DEOUTR – Mix master or Master mix. In mix master, teams must learn how to DJ from a scratch coach. In master mix, teams must properly pour a pyramid of cocktails without mixing colors.

Master mix – Jet & Cord, Dave & Connor, Brendon & Rachel, Margie & Luke

Mix master – Leo & Jamal (switched from master mix), Jessica & John, Caroline & Jennifer, Flight Time & Big Easy



PIT STOP Batu Caves.


1st Jet & Cord – they win a trip to London
2nd – Dave & Connor
3rd – Leo & Jamal
4th – Caroline & Jennifer
5th – Jessica & John
6th – Flight Time & Big Easy
7th – Margie & Luke
8th – Brendon & Rachel – non eliminated


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