Amazing Race March 17, 2013 Results 3/17/13

Still in Asia, the teams will travel from Indonesia going to Vietnam on tonight’s episode of the Amazing Race 22. Dave and Connor came first at the pit stop last week. Will their improbable streak continue?

On tonight’s fifth episode, a double u-turn awaits the teams in Hanoi and with that, the battle lines are drawn. Expect the game to get personal with this in line. Who will u-turn who and who gets u-turned?

Also tonight, one team will receive crushing news. Which among the teams could it be?

Meanwhile, the roadblock is to search through hundreds of photos to find one with the quote ‘Glory to the younger generation’ while the detour is either finding ingredients to make a Vietnamese soup called Pho Ga or playing a human chess.

Some of those who will do the human chess task are Mona & Beth and Caroline & Jennifer. Who will also do the same detour as them?

Speculations say that the team who gets u-turned will quit. Could it be David & Connor? Some say it’s Meghan & Joey. But anyway, we’ll find out tonight what happens on the race.

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Update: Dave & Connor were eliminated (or rather, they had it planned due to Dave’s surgery). Chuck & Wynona arrived at the pit stop last but they were not eliminated. 

Teams travel to Hanoi, Vietnam

Dave must get surgery within 7 days. They plan to have themselves be eliminated when they get to Vietnam.

Max & Katie and Pam & Winnie agree not to U-turn each other. Their target are Joey & Meghan and Mona & Beth.


ROAD BLOCK – teams must watch the performance of a patriotic song. They must memorize the quote that is revealed and find it on a political poster.

Those who did it are – Jennifer, Meghan, Pam, Anthony, Mona, Katie, Chuck


DETOUR – make your move or make your meal. In make your move, they must create a giant chess game using human Chinese chess pieces, which they must put in the right position. In make your meal, they must make the national dish after shopping in a busy market.

Make your move – Pam & Winnie, Joey & Meghan, Bates & Anthony, Mona & Beth, Caroline & Jennifer

Make your meal – Max & Katie, Chuck & Wynona


DOUBLE U-TURN – Pam & Winnie U-turn Meghan & Joey. Meghan & Joey U-turn Chuck & Wynona.


PIT STOP – Vietnam National Museum of History.

1st – Pam & Winnie – they win a trip to Whistler

2nd – Max & Katie

3rd – Mona & Beth

4th – Bates & Anthony

5th – Caroline & Jennifer

6th – Joey & Meghan

7th – Chuck & Wynona



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