Amazing Race March 18, 2012 Results 3/18/12

The teams will be in Germany on Amazing Race March 18, 2012 episode. From Italy going to Germany for their next set of tasks which include creating gingerbread houses and going to Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Who among the 8 remaining teams will be the next to be eliminated on TAR – Amazing Race episode 5?

The teams will take on a fairy tale in a snowy mountain of Bavaria in Germany in search of gnomes in King Ludwig’s quarters, which is in the same castle that served as the inspiration of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Also, things will get hairy as they have to style beards. Could it be that they have to style a man’s beard to resemble a gnome?

Titled “Uglier Than A Mud Rail Fence”, tempers will rise as temperatures drop in the country. One of the teams will have misunderstanding, particularly Vanessa & Ralph. Will Brendon & Rachel be having their own fight as well?

Meanwhile, last week was a non-elimination leg. Thus, Bopper & Mark, who were the last team to arrive last week, will be doing a speed bump.

Anyway, as a summary of the set of tasks for this leg, the roadblock is curling a man’s beard while the detour is either creating gingerbread house or a task related to gnomes. For the speed bump, looks like Bopper & Mark will do some yodelling.

Will Bopper & Mark be able to do the speed bump easily and be able to catch-up with the rest of the teams? Will they still arrive last at the pitstop and be eliminated this time? Who do you want to go home tonight?

We’ll post updates here, as always and while waiting for it, you can follow us on Twitter, share this on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. Find out which team was the next who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 3/18/12. The results of the team’s order of arrival will be provided too.

Update: Kerri & Stacy were eliminated from the race.

The show begins at 8:43pm ET.

Detour – fairy tale (follow a trail of gingerbread, find the witch’s cottage, use the pieces to complete the roof of a gingerbread house) or champion male (style beards of beard champions)

Pit stop – Landhannes Farm


Order of arrival

1st – Art & JJ

2nd – Joey & Danny

3rd – Vanessa & Ralph

4th – Rachel & Dave

5th – Brendon & Rachel

6th – Bopper & Mark

7th – Nary & Jamie

8th – Kerri & Stacy

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