Amazing Race March 2, 2014 Results 3/2/14

The race continues tonight on the second episode of The Amazing Race 24. The teams are now in China and they will be in the country for this episode doing the challenges and tasks.

Tonight’s second leg is titled “Baby Bear’s Soup”. Mark and Mallory will be making a major mistake as they struggle with communication and they might jeopardize their chances to keep on racing because of this. Will this cause them to be eliminated tonight?

The road block tonight is assembling car toys and taking it to Children’s Activity Centre in Eday Town.

Meanwhile, the detour is either kicking shuttlecocks 10 times without it touching the ground or do a cupping therapy Chinese massage

Some of the teams who opted for detour A are Jennifer and Caroline and Brendon and Rachel while some of those who opted for detour B are David and Connor, Mark and Mallory and Margie and Luke.

The pit stop for this leg is at Shamian Island.

Who’s going to be the last team to arrive tonight?

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Update: Mark & Mallory got eliminated!

ROAD BLOCK – teams must build a kiddy car. Those who did it are:

– Dave, Margie, Jamal, Brendon, Mark, Flight Time, Meghan, John, Jet, Caroline


** Mark forgets his backpack and wanted to go back for it even if Mallory tried to stop him.


DETOUR – feather-ball or china cup. In feather-ball, teams must complete ten passes of the ball. In China cup, teams must get a Chinese therapy.

Feather-ball – Mark & Mallory, Margie & Luke, Brendon & Rachel, Dave & Connor, Caroline & Jennifer, Jet & Cord, Leo & Jamal, Flight Time & Big Easy, Joey & Meghan, Jessica & John

China cup – none


PIT STOP – Shamian Island

1st – Brendon & Rachel – they win $2500 each

2nd – Luke & Margie

3rd – Caroline & Jennifer

4th -Dave & Connor

5th – Flight Time & Big Easy

6th – Jet & Cord

7th – Leo & Jamal

8th – Jessica & John

9th – Joey & Meghan

10th – Mark & Mallory – eliminated

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