Amazing Race March 20, 2011 Results 3/20/11

The Amazing Race March 20, 2011 will be the continuation of the previous leg, where we’ll know the fate of Zev & Justin and Kent & Vyxsin. Both teams haven’t checked in yet at the pit stop at the Eternal Tower in Old Lijiang. Who among them gets eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 3/20/11 results?

The teams are still in China for their next tasks during this 5th leg titled “Don’t Ruin the Basketball Game”. A prehistoric Roadblock will push one racer over the edge while a double U-turn will cause panic among the teams as they race to avoid elimination. Which contestant will go over the edge? Who will check in last at the pit stop?

We’ll find out who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 3/20/11 results soon. Updates will be here, as always so please check back for it.

Update: Jaime & Cara were eliminated;

1st – Jet & Cord

2nd – Gary & Mallory

3rd – Margie & Luke

4th – Kisha & Jen

5th – Kent & Vyxsin

6th – Flight Time & Big Easy

7th – Ron & Christina

8th – Zev & Justin

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  1. The cowboys were done very wrong! The others gave each other the answer. Is this show rigged? If not why did you allow this to happen? I’ll never watch again!

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