Amazing Race March 23, 2014 Results 3/23/14

The eight remaining teams will be traveling from Malaysia going to Sri Lanka on tonight’s Amazing Race 24. It’s the 5th leg tonight! Who’s going to be eliminated?

Last week was a non-elimination leg. So even if Brendon and Rachel arrived last at the pit stop, they were safe. However, they must perform a Speed Bump on tonight’s leg, which is to print 15 shirts with Sri Lankan flag.

Meanwhile, the tasks the teams must perform include bringing “sil reddha” to Gangaramaya Temple to be blessed by a monk, pole fishing and keeping plates spinning during a dance.

The road block is to sew together a shirt while the pit stop is at Colombo Rowing Club.

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Update: Margie & Luke got eliminated!


1st – Jet & Cord

2nd – Dave & Connr

3rd – Leo & Jamal

4th – Caroline & Jennifer

5th – Jessica & John

6th – Flight Time & Big Easy

7th – Margie & Luke

8th – Brendon & Rachel


** Brendon & Rachel were so far behind but Margie & Luke were not able to find the travel agency.


DETOUR – Fishing pole or spin control. In fishing pole, teams must wade into the surf, climb on fishing stilts and catch one fish each. In spin control, teams must learn and perform a folk dance while spinning drum-like instruments.


Fishing pole – Jet & Cord, Dave & Connor

Spin control – Flight Time & Big Easy, Caroline & Jennifer, Leo & Jamal, Brendon & Rachel, Jessica & John (they did the fishing pole task first)


SPEED BUMP – Brendon & Rachel must perform a speed bump, put the Sri Lankan flag on 15 shirts.


ROAD BLOCK – teams must stitch together a shirt.

Those who did it are – Big Easy, Connor, Jennifer, Leo, Jet, Brendon, Jessica


PIT STOP – Colombo Rowing Club.

1st – Dave & Connor – they win $5,000 each

2nd – Caroline & Jennifer

3rd – Jet & Cord

4th – Leo & Jamal

5th – Jessica & John

6th – Flight Time & Big Easy

7th – Brendon & Rachel

8th – Margie & Luke

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