Amazing Race March 25, 2012 Results 3/25/12

The leg 6 of the Amazing Race tonight, March 25, 2012, could be one of the most intense episode ever. It will all happen in Azerbaijan, where the teams will travel after leaving the pit stop in Germany. A team consisting of both ladies were sent home last week. Will it be another team of ladies who gets eliminated on TAR – Amazing Race episode 6?

It will be the first time that the race travels to Azerbaijan. We’ll get to see the pace and what the teams will undergo and as the promo says, the teams will go through fire, water and a day at the spa. Rather, crude oil. Azerbaijan is said to be the land of fire. This episode could be the craziest, wildest and most intesnse episode ever.

Titled “This is Wicked Strage”, two teams will see how they stack up after hitting the hay and races sponge up the locals at an oily detour. One member of a team will also reveal that she have a fear of being underwater. Our guess is Vanessa. How about you?

Anyway, here’s what could be the details. The teams will travel to Baku. Detour could be to scrub excess oil or searching something. Roadblock could be a helicopter stimulation and the pit stop could be at the Baku Pier.

Who could be the next team to arrive last at the next pit stop? There are speculations that two teams might be oversleeping and others think it’s most likely Joey and Danny will be eliminated next. What do you think?

Updates on the episode tonight will be provided here. In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter, share this on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. The next team or couple who gets kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 3/25/12 will be here. Results of the order of arrivals will be here as well.

Update: Joey & Danny were eliminated.

No new episode of Amazing Race on April 2nd due to the Country Music Awards.

Fast forward – unload and stack 150 bales of hay. Everybody is right on top of everybody else. The winner is Rachel & Dave.

Road block – participate in a helicopter episode underwater. Those who didn’t do the fast forward must do this.

Detour – oil or apple.

Oil – Art & JJ, Brendon & Rachel, Bopper & Mark

Apple – Vanessa & Ralph, Nary & Jamie, Joey & Danny


1st – Dave & Rachel

2nd – Art & JJ

3rd – Bopper & Mark

4th – Brendon & Rachel

5th – Nary & Jamie

6th – Vanessa & Ralph

7th – Joey “Fitness” & Danny


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  1. Yeah Carrie. I agree. I love Brenchel also. Loved them on Big Brother too. Rachel can be whiney and obnoxious but they obviously are good players and love each other.

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