Amazing Race March 27, 2011 Results 3/27/11

The Amazing Race March 27, 2011 will have the teams travel from China to India. They will be leaving Kunming Wujiaba International Airport going to Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Which team to arrive last at the pit stop? Who gets eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 3/27/11? Result to be here soon.

One team will narrowly escape a traffic collision tonight on the episode titled “I Feel Like a Monkey in a Circus Parade”. The team gets overwhelmed by a swarming people on the congested streets of India where it will prove to be a challenge for them.

Meanwhile, another team’s clumsiness will threaten to spoil their chances of getting the Detour and at the end, one will be sent home. Which team will it be?

The team who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 3/27/11 results will be here again soon.

Update: Margie & Luke were eliminated;

1st – Gary & Mallory (got 1million ruppees to share (over $20,000)

2nd – Jet & Cord

3rd – Ron & Christina

4th – Zev & Justin

5th – Kent & Vyxin

6th – Kisha & Jen

7th – Flight Time & Big Easy

15 thoughts on “Amazing Race March 27, 2011 Results 3/27/11

  1. really you hated them? Luke showed more heart that anybody I know including myself. What a joke stoked!!!!! Its a shame that they were eliminated but that is the way that the race goes.

  2. I hated them too and I almost feel guilty for it but I really just didn’t like them. I’m so happy for mal and gary they have heart!

  3. I think the Mom was fantastic for always supporting her Son. But, let’s be honest Luke was like a 3 year old who wouldn’t stop whining. I can’t, I can’t…….. you tell yourself that enough you will never be able to do anything. He should have tried telling himself, I am not going to give up and to succeed and they might not have come in last place.

  4. Not disappointed by this news at all. Just because he is deaf doesn’t mean he’s exempt from getting the boot. His mom seems to baby him because of his difference instead of helping him be strong and independent.

  5. Yall are all stupid who say Luke was a baby but when he said he couldn’t he did!!!! so please before you say you hate them grow a heart like his and understand the meaning of hate… ignorance is so unattractive and hating is too:) Thank you.

  6. ya like think of how he try to do great in this race to proved he can do it and one more thing he not whinning he just deaf and mute that why he make the whinning sound

  7. What are you smoking Denise?
    Luke was a bonafide whining loser. And an aggressive, rude one at that. You came across as the ignorant one here…

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