Amazing Race March 3, 2013 Results 3/3/13

The teams will be leaving Bora Bora to go to New Zealand for their next set of challenges tonight in the Amazing Race 22. However, Dave blew out his Achilles tendon on the final sprint. Will that be the cause for them to be eliminated tonight? Will the be able to continue the race?

It’s going to be all feathers, fun and fast cars as teams travel to New Zealand. The contestants are going to learn firsthand what a “shemozzle” race is tonight.

The detour is either to drive through a Rumptydoo slalom in under 83 seconds or to go jet boating on the Rakaia River.

Meanwhile, the roadblock will be to participate in a Shemozzle Race, in which the participants must complete the course without breaking any eggs.

Who will arrive at the pit stop first? Will it be a non-elimination leg tonight or it’s a to be continued episode?

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Update: No one was eliminated on this episode. It’s to be continued next week.

Jessica & John have finally decided give the express pass to Dave & Connor – Anthony & Bates saw this

Dave’s tendon and muscle were torn, but decides to keep going as long as he can.

Joey & Megan, Jessica & John, and Mona & Beth are in alliance to eliminate Bates & Anthony.

Anthony & Bates have formed an alliance with Caroline & Jennifer.


DETOUR – rev it up or reel it in. In rev it up, teams must drive modified vintage cars through a set of cones in under 83 seconds. In reel it in, each team member must catch a fish at least 12 inches long.

Rev it up – Meghan & Joey, Jessica & John, Max & Katie, Pam & Winnie, Mona & Beth, Caroline & Jennifer, Bates & Anthony
Reel it in – Chuck & Wynona, Dave & Connor (they did rev it up before but decided to do reel it in)


Dave & Connor use their express pass.


ROAD BLOCK – race through a shemozzle while collecting a dozen chicken eggs which should be unbroken.

Those who did it are Connor, John, Winnie, Chuck, Jennifer, Meghan, Katie


PIT STOP – Terrace Downs

1st – Dave & Connor – they win a trip to Bangkok



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