Amazing Race March 30, 2014 Results 3/3014

The race continues tonight on The Amazing Race 24 episode 6. The 7 remaining teams will be doing the next set of tasks in Sri Lanka. Everyone will do anything to win. Teams will fight for gas in the world’s biggest traffic jam, enlist the help of gentle giants and run like the wind. Who will make it last to the pit stop and be eliminated?

Teams will be facing an exhausting roadblock in Sri Lanka, plus, an epic race through the countryside will end with a footrace to the pit stop. That’s what’s going to happen tonight.

One of the detours is working with an elephant to load logs onto a truck and one of the teams who did this is John & Jessica.

For the road block, players must fill up four “three wheelers” with gas. How exhausting is this? We’ll find out tonight.

Which teams will be included in the epic race? Will Brendon & Rachel arrive last and be eliminated? Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for tonight’s results. The next team who got kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race’s 3/30/14 episode will be posted.

Update: Caroline & Jennifer arrived last, but it was a non-elimination leg.

Road block – teams must find four tuk tuks with the same colored marker, then fill them with gas.

Those who did it are – Rachel, Jamal, Dave, John, Big Easy, Jet, Caroline

** Rachel filled up green cars, rather than cars with green markers on their windshields. Thanks to John, he tells her what she’s supposed to be doing.


DETOUR – trunk or sheets. In trunk, teams must attach a chain to logs to haul them with the assistance of elephants. In sheets, teams must make paper using elephant dung.

Trunk – Jet & Cord, Leo & Jamal, Dave & Connor, Jessica & John
Sheets – Flight Time & Big Easy, Caroline & Jennifer, Brendon & Rachel


PIT STOP – Mount Lavinia Hotel Beach, Sri Lanka’s first hotel.

1st – Leo & Jamal – they win a trip to Berlin, Germany
2nd – Jet & Cord
3rd – Jessica & John
4th – Dave & Connor
5th – Brendon & Rachel
6th – Flight Time & Big Easy
7th – Caroline & Jennifer



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