Amazing Race March 31, 2013 Results 3/31/13

Tonight’s leg is a continuation from last week’s episode. The teams are still in Botswana for pit stop and they will do the next tasks and challenges still in the same country. Who will be the team to be eliminated tonight?

Last week, Max & Katie arrived at the pit stop last, but they were safe since it was a non-elimination leg. However, they will do a speed bump for tonight’s leg. Will that cause them to arrive at the pit stop last again and be sent home this time?

The first team to leave the pit stop tonight are Bates & Anthony. They are followed by Pam & Winnie, Chuck & Wynona, Joey & Meghan, Caroline & Jennifer, Mona & Beth and Max & Katie.

Seems like the challenges get more complicated tonight. As the preview says (if you have watched it), When racing around the world, you’ve got to be quick, persistent, and fast. Never expect to run into a speed trap. Looks like some teams will get stuck in one task. Plus, we are going to see something we’ve never seen before. Teams will water ski with crocodiles. Who will be able to do this task first?

The fast forward will be used tonight by the hockey brothers. For this task, they must water ski in crocodile infested waters. Meanwhile, for the road block, teams must propel a traditional canoe called “Mokoro” down the Thamalakane River to a near by village where they will exchange two goats for the next clue. Who will get lost and who will be given their next clue quickly? What will be tonight’s detour?

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Update: Pam & Winnie have been eliminated!

Carone & Jennifer were given a ticket because they are driving over 96kph and the speed limit is 60. They got fined 820 pula/$100 US.

Max got pulled over as well.

Bates & Anthony opt to do the fast forward. Their task is to waterski 1 mile in crocodile infested waters.


ROAD BLOCK – teams must deliver two goats upstream in a canoe.

Those who did it are – Winnie, Wynona, Beth, Caroline, Joey, Max


DETOUR – brains or brawn. In brains, teams will go on a horseback safari and then search for 10 animal cut outs. In brawn, teams will stack firewood and haul it with donkeys.

brawn – Chuck & Wynona

brains – Caroline & Jennifer, Mona & Beth, Meghan & Joey, Max & Katie, Pam & Winnie (switched from brawn to brains to brawn)


PIT STOP – Royal Tree Lodge.

1st – Bates & Anthony – they win $7500 each
2nd – Mona & Beth
3rd: Caroline & Jennifer
4th – Chuck & Wynona
5th – Joey & Meghan
6th – Max & Katie
7th – Pam & Winnie


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  1. I figured that it would either be Chuck and Wynonna or Max and Katie that would go home, but Pam and Winnie really botched that Detour. It is a real shame because I think that they were one of the better teams left. I almost missed the show because I got held up leaving my office at DISH last night, but thankfully I was able to watch it on the train ride home. Being able to stream live TV from my receiver at home to my iPad with DISH Anywhere is really nice because it makes it so easy to keep up with my favorite shows.

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