Amazing Race March 4, 2012 Results 3/4/12

The teams will travel from Argentina to Paraguay tonight on Amazing Race March 4, 2012 episode. It’s the third leg of the race and it gets more exciting each week. Who will be the next team to arrive at the pit stop last and be eliminated on Amazing Race tonight?

The teams will have to use their hands, their head and their hearts to perform the tasks. In one task, Elliot & Andrew gets strung out making them frustrated. Meanwhile, some of the teams will take on a mountain of melons. Tension arises with the teams as they struggle to complete the tasks.

The roadblock task is bottle dancing. Who among each team will do it? Meanwhile, the detour could either be watermelon pyramids or harp strings. Which among the teams will do the watermelons? Who will do the harp stringing? From the preview, Elliot & Andrew will do the harp while Rachel & Brendon, Rachel & Dave Art & KK and Vanessa & Ralph will most likely perform the watermelons.

The twins look frustrated and with Elliott searching through the bag, could they have lost something? Could it be one of the clues?

There hasn’t been a non-elimination leg yet. Will one of the teams be sent home tonight, or will tonight be a non-elimination leg? Have any predictions on who’ll arrive at the pit stop last? Who do you want it to be?

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Update: Elliot & Andrew was eliminated;

Detour – stack up or strung out

Those who did stack up: Art & JJ, Joey & Danny and Vanessa & Ralph

Those who did strung out: Rachel & Dave, Nary & Jamie, Bopper & Mark, Kerri & Stacy, Brendon & Rachel and Elliot & Andrew

Road block – balance bottle on top of their heads. They must complete the task before all bottles are broken or they will have 2 hours penalty.


1st – Art & JJ

2nd – Brendon & Rachel

3rd – Joey “Fitness” & Danny

4th – Bopper & Mark

5th – Nary & Jaimie

6th – Rachel & Dave – they arrived second but incurred a two-hour penalty. Phil tells this is the first time ever that a team has not completed a challenge but still stayed in the race.

7th – Kerri & Stacy

8th – Vanessa & Ralph’

9th – Elliot & Andrew


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