Amazing Race March 6, 2011 Results 3/6/11

The Amazing Race March 6, 2011 will have the teams travel from Australia to Japan. One team was out last week. Who will follow them arriving at the pit stop last? Who will be the next to get eliminated on TAR Amazing Race 3/6/11 results?

One among the ten remaining teams will be forced to play catch-up after a car crash forcing them to the back of the race. Which team could it be?

The title of this episode is “We Had a Lot of Evil Spirits Apparently”. Racers will get down and dirty in a pile of frigid mud. Zev and Justin were the first to arrive last week while Ron and Christina were in last place. Will they be the next team to be sent home?

Updates on leg 3 will be here. The next team who was kicked off, eliminated on Amazing Race 3/6/11 results here, as always.

Update: Mel & Mike were eliminated;

1st – Zev & Justin

2nd – Gary & Mallory

3rd – Ron & Christina

4th – Kisha & Jen

5th – Flight Time & Big Easy

6th – Jet & Cord

7th – Kent & Vyxsin

8th – Margie & Luke

9th – Jaime & Cara

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