Amazing Race March 9, 2014 Results 3/9/14

The nine remaining teams will travel from China to Malaysia tonight on the Amazing Race 24. Their next destination is in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for their next set of tasks. Who will be the next team to be eliminated?

In Malaysia, teams will be racing through the Malaysian jungle where the roaring rapids will crush their spirits and their homemade rafts. Then, another team might end up being eliminated after being struck by taxi déjà vu. Which team do you think it is? Dave and Connor?

Meanwhile, the tasks for tonight include rappelling down a waterfall, building a bamboo raft and completing a dance. Then, the detour is either river delivery or run through the jungle. Looks like this leg is a tough one, huh?

Will a team get penalized tonight? Who do you think will be sent home?

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Update: Joey & Meghan got eliminated!

ROAD BLOCK – teams must rapel 10 stories down a waterfall

Those who did it are – Dave, Jamal, Cord, Luke, Flight Time, Jennifer, Jessica, Rachel and Joey


DETOUR – river delivery or run through the jungle. In river delivery, teams must transport goods to a village. In run through the jungle, teams need to hit a target with blow darts.

Before they do the detour, they must build a raft that they will use to go down the rapids.

River delivery – Dave & Connor, Leo & Jamal, Margie & Luke, Jet & Cord, Jessica & John

Jungle run – Caroline & Jennifer, Flight Time & Big Easy, Brendon & Rachel, Joey & Meghan


1st – Dave & Connor – they win a trip to Budapest, Hungary

2nd – Jet & Cord

3rd – Leo & Jamal

4th – Margie & Luke

5th – Flight Time & Big Easy

6th – Caroline & Jennifer

7th – Jessica & John

8th – Brendon & Rachel

Eliminated – Joey & Meghan


** Joey & Meghan’s mistake? They didn’t ask their cabs to wait for them.

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